View Full Version : Getting p12 certificates already installed in system.

15th February 2011, 14:16
Hi all,

I made some research in Google and was unable to find the way to get CA certificates already installed in system

My problem is that my application should pass authentication through swissID authentication system.
SwissID provides with USB key which stores certificates. When user inserts USB to socket windows/MAC automatically installs p12 certificates to system.
My problem is that I can't find way to get this certificates from OS and pass them to NetworkAccessManager.

Any help is appreciate.

Best Regards
Taron Sargsyan

15th February 2011, 17:25
What I was looking for was QList QSslConfiguration::caCertificates ();
From Qt4 documentation.
Returns this connection's CA certificate database. The CA certificate database is used by the socket during the handshake phase to validate the peer's certificate. It can be moodified prior to the handshake with addCaCertificate(), addCaCertificates(), and setCaCertificates().