View Full Version : SOLVED utf-8, passthru and °

18th February 2011, 09:46
I am writing a little console program that will spit out a bit of html to be used by php's passthru() function:

<?php passthru('/var/www/bin/myprog');?>

Now I need to display the character °, but the output I get with QString in the resulting html is °.
So I'm trying to get rid of the  but no succes till now.

I'm thinking that it's because of the unicode in QString but f I try with char in stead of QString it won't even output anything, ie:

char *s = "°"; // or 167
cout << s;

just prints nothing.

When I launch the program from bash, it displays the ° ok, but if I copy that character from the console to an editor I get an ° again, meaning it's still unicode.

I tried various things, .toUtf8(), etc etc but I can't get the right character to display.

How can I get the ° without the  in my html?


Edit: solved by adding 'AddDefaultCharset UTF-8' to '/etc/apache2/sites-available/default'. Though I am still curious why there is no output at all on that first code snippet.