View Full Version : Grid in Nokia mobile application

19th February 2011, 07:05

Hi all
I am trying to create a Nokia mobile application using Qt and C++ that shows a grid on the screen (something I have tried to depict in the image above.).
I am targeting touch-screen mobiles, so the screen will be scrollable with user's fingers.

The screen will be scrollable horizontally, but the vertical height is constant.

Since, the screen is scrollable horizontally, i want the the grid to appear/reveal itself as I scroll left or right.

A horizontal line will appear for each unit of the Y-axis (as shown in the image above) and will always be present (even when I scroll right or left).

A vertical line will appear, lets say, for every 5 units of the X-axis.

And as you can guess, the final target is to draw a graph (not shown in the image above), from data points which will be saved in a CSV file.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to get started with developing such a screen.

Thanks in advance for your help.