View Full Version : implementing ftp using Qt4 and apache2

20th February 2011, 04:50
i am using apache2 in my project on ubuntu 10.04 platform. also Qt4 for GUI programming.i have to implement ftp using Qt4 and apache2 webserver.i have done program but i have to provide server address,username and password as input in my program in order to upload and download the files on apache2.how do i create account in apache2 server?? please help me as early as possible.

20th February 2011, 14:21
QFtp will let You do that
it has appropriate methods to login using specified user name etc.

as far as I remember you have to make sure to implement some method/slot to handle server responses something like

void FtpHandler::ftpStateChanged(int state)

and to provide all login data , just make some simple widget or dialog to get these informations

and... creating an accounts in apache... that is the one I can't help You with, but I think you have to use external tool, but in case of Apache I am no expert

20th February 2011, 18:19
thank you so much.