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23rd February 2011, 22:10

I have a plugin that loads and shows a custom widget that displays an image (as a background for a QLabel) loaded from a resource file (resources.qrc). The problem I'm facing is that once the plugin is loaded, it shows the widget properly, but not the image. I tried putting "Q_INIT_RESOURCE( resources )" everywhere, but nothing happens. I have created many custom widgets that use qrc files to display images, but only directly within an app, which have worked just fine. This time is from a plugin, so there must be something I'm missing here. Any help?

// TheInterface.h
class TheInterface

// MyWidget.h
class MyWidget : public QWidget, public Ui::MyWidget

// MyPlugin.h
#include "TheInterface.h"
class MyPlugin : public QOBject,
public TheInterface


// MyPlugin.cpp
#include "MyPlugin.h"
#include "MyWidget.h"
MyPlugin* w = new MyPlugin();

Q_EXPORT_PLUGIN2(myplugin, MyPlugin)

24th February 2011, 00:19
You don't show us any code that attempts to use a resource or where the "everywhere" you tried putting "Q_INIT_RESOURCE( resources )" was. It helps if you cut and paste your actual code rather than re-keying it and introducing errors, e.g. "QOBject" or the MyPlugin constructor trying to allocate another copy of MyPlugin on the heap (kinda recursive isn't it?).

I'm fairly sure the "Q_INIT_RESOURCE( resources )" should be in the MyPlugin constructor so that it executes when the plugin is loaded and before any factory method (assuming you have one) returns a MyWidget to the program.

24th February 2011, 01:03
Thanks for your response.

I'm sorry for the errors. You are right, but I'm not allowed to paste the whole code.

In MyPlugin constructor, what I meant was:

MyWidget* w = new MyWidget();

The resource is used from within the UI. My .pro file looks like this:

CONFIG += plugin debug resources
INCLUDEPATH += /path/to #TheInterface.h

HEADERS = MyPlugin.h \

SOURCES = MyPlugin.cpp \

DEPENDPATH += . resources

RESOURCES += resources/resources.qrc

FORMS = mywidget.ui

TARGET = myplugin

Also, within MyWidget.h, I'm properly doing

#include "ui_mywidget.h"

I tried putting "Q_INIT_RESOURCE( resources )" in MyPlugin constructor, but no image is shown. I did the equivalent to the following:

Q_INIT_RESOURCE( resources );

I did try to change "resources" for something buggy like "resourcesss" and at plugin loading time the error shown was:
... /path/to/my/libmyplugin.so: undefined symbol: _Z26qInitResources_resourcesssv

Any other idea?


24th February 2011, 01:10
The error means you don't have a resource file called "resources" linked into your library.

24th February 2011, 18:24
Thanks for your response, but, please, read again. I made that error happen on purpose by putting a buggy value. Instead of specifying "resources" I put "resourcesss", just to prove that "resources" is ok, and "resourcesss" is not. So, back to the main question:

Why isn't an image (loaded from a resource file, resources.qrc) showing up in a widget that is loaded from a plugin?

Thanks again.

24th February 2011, 21:33
What's the type of the image?

25th February 2011, 15:42
Problem solved.
Thanks a lot for your responses.

The problem was that the main application has already a qrc file with the same name (resources.qrc). The plugin, being loaded by the main app, has a different resources.qrc file, but because the main app had one already, it was not loading it. I changed the name of the resource file in the plugin, worked perfectly. Of course, I had to change the "Q_INIT_RESOURCE( resources );" to "Q_INIT_RESOURCE( new_resource_file_basename );". Also, it was enough to call this in the constructor of the MyWidget class. In other words, it does NOT need to be in the constructor of the plugin (MyPlugin::MyPlugin()). It makes sense, since the MyWidget is the one using the resource file, not the plugin.

Thanks again for your support.