View Full Version : qsqlpsql.dll not found on XP - but on win2k

27th January 2006, 16:52
The pogramm works fine on windows2000, but it doesn't on winXP(SP2)

It can't load the postgreSQL plugin . I've tried different paths aso.
It's realy interesting, if i start the program from network directories, it works also on XP.
Where is the difference between win2k and XP (the handling of pathnames)?

Does somebody knows an answer? Or even a workaround?

Thanks - jmh

I use QT4.1

27th January 2006, 17:00
Do you have postgresql client libraries installed on this XP machine? The plugin needs them.

27th January 2006, 17:20
.. there is a complete postgreSQL installation (8.1.2)
.. and - why does it work from netdirs?

27th January 2006, 19:45
.. there is a complete postgreSQL installation (8.1.2)
.. and - why does it work from netdirs?

From the Assistant:

Qt Plugins
Your application may also depend on one or more Qt plugins, such as the JPEG image format plugin or a SQL driver plugin. Be sure to distribute any Qt plugins that you need with your application.
The search path for Qt plugins (as well as a few other paths) is hard-coded into the QtCore library. By default, the first plugin search path will be hard-coded as C:\path\to\Qt\plugins. Using pre-determined paths has certain disadvantages. For example, they may not exist on the target machine. For that reason you need to examine various alternatives to make sure that the Qt plugins are found:
Using QApplication::addLibraryPath() or QApplication::setLibraryPaths().
Using a third party installation utility to change the hard-coded paths in the QtCore library.
Using qt.conf. This is the recommended approach since it provides the most flexibility.

Since your XP can run the app when it resides on the network but not when it is in a local directory, perhaps copying the dlls that you put onto the network into a subdirectory under the local directory where your app resides, except call the subdirectory: "sqldrivers" and put the dlls in it.

7th February 2006, 09:13
I was on vacation - sorry : thanks for your remarks but all of your suggested solutions i've tried already. - jmh

7th February 2006, 09:27
i had similary problem...i used File Monitor application for look where my progam searching for drivers, and this info help me find it...

look here (http://www.sysinternals.com/)