View Full Version : Generalized implementation to support touchscreen context help display

1st March 2011, 19:04
I am currently developing a touchscreen application with a UI similar to the modern smartphone. The application is developed using QtCreator and widgets alone. I need to implement support for context help. The workflow here is that the user picks a Help button off the touchscreen, and this initiates help mode. The active screen (one of many) would advertise GUI elements that can be help targets. The advertisement would be a help icon similar to the numeric indications in the attached screenshot as "HelpIndicators.jpg". The user would select one of the items from the GUI that is a help target by clicking a display help icon, and then context specific help would be displayed.

The GUI elements that could be potential help targets include list control items, scroll bar items, pushbuttons, etc -- basically an entire range of widgets.

I am looking for general suggestions on providing a generalized context help solution. I currently am not doing any custom drawing, the UI is simply stylized using style sheets. However, if a generalized solution consists of deriving all widgets from a derived base class which provided the display of a custom icon when help mode is active, that would be acceptable.