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6th October 2006, 17:55
I read at wiki.qtcentre.org (http://wiki.qtcentre.org/index.php?title=Building_static_applications#Pros_ and_Cons)
that the static application "runs slightly slower". To me it is kind of counter-intuitive since I would have said that static is quicker... Anyway, I'd like to know how significant is the speed difference. Any experience to share?

6th October 2006, 21:09
Hi, you're right. It should be the other way around. Nice to see someone actually reads those articles.. ;)

I'm not a real specialist when it comes to linking matter. As far as I know, it actually only affects the application startup time (assuming that the libraries are loaded at startup, which is not always the case). But anyway, dynamic loading of shared libraries is naturally slower compared to statically linked libraries. The more libraries to load, the more difference can be seen. But this is not a real reason to choose between dynamic and static linking as the drawback is very insignificant.

By the way, anyone is welcome to take part in writing and updating articles in our very own wiki! And the discussion pages are handy for exchanging thoughts, ideas, problems, errors etc.