View Full Version : how to find the implementation of all classes and their member functions

15th March 2011, 16:17
i was just looking a screenshot application but i directly came across a grabwindow function
which captures your desktop ....but i realised that this way if i will directly used the function and don't
know about its implementation it..will be unfair.....and i can't customise my programs in my own way

please guide how to find the source code of all classes and their implementations.....
please help

16th March 2011, 09:10
You can find implementation of each class in "src" folder of your Qt installation, it's separated into modules - for example grabWindow is in "src/gui/image/qpixmap_win.cpp".
If you are using an IDE like QtCreator or Eclipse, "Ctrl+left click" on class or method name should open the corresponding source file ( if they are parsed by indexer ).