View Full Version : Looking for a C++/Qt developer at a young media startup in Mumbai, India

16th March 2011, 06:20
Hi guys,
Not sure if this is the right place to be posting this, but given that this forum is full of Qt enthusiasts, thought I would give it a shot anyways. We are looking to hire a Qt developer to work with us on a very exciting media startup, in Mumbai, India. You can find the job description below:


We, En Route Media have developed a first-in-India embedded solution (patent pending) for the Digital Out-of-Home market in Indiaand plan to deploy a network of screens, controlled remotely across Mumbai, in the next couple of months. The embedded solution has been developed from the base up in collaboration with a hardware development team. It is based on the Debian linux distro andthe applications that it runs are developed in Qt/C++. We are looking for an enthusiastic techie, who would be excited to see a product being launched on the market, ideas implemented and regular new features and updates being created. From your profile, I gather that you have relevant experience in the use of some or all of these technologies. To summarize – Qt and C++.

Some of the other technological components you will be working with are: GPS, Bluetooth, Linux, RFID, etc. Our back-end is PHP and SQL-based, which means that dependent on your motivation and excitement you can try and teach yourself more than youalready know and try and move deeper into powerful technologies that are used for front-end and back-end development today. These are just some of the many opportunities you will have with us in terms of learning. The fact that we are very small right now (only 6 of us), means you will get exposure to all aspects of the business and likely learn a lot about management and advertising as well.

We are a very young and dynamic team and don’t think dressing formally and spending exactly 9 hours at the office everyday is part of an exciting and meaningful work-life. We believe in a healthy play and work balance. And we often take that literally, by randomly playing all sorts of games in our office in the middle of the day. As long as the work gets done, everyone is much more happy this way.


If this sort of profile interests or excites any of you, please get in touch with us at getgoing@enrouteinc.com. Mention this forum in the subject, so we pay more attention to it!

Have a great day,