View Full Version : fancy browser: activate save link... menu

17th March 2011, 04:12
I am trying to insert a "fancy browser" in my application and I am facing two basic problems:

1.I cannot save anything. On right click , a menu appears with the option of saving a link, but it does not work. For instance I want to download a ascii table from a satellite spectrum here (http://archive.stsci.edu/cgi-bin/mastpreview?mission=iue&dataid=SWP03774) (it's at the link called "Download ASCII table of large aperture fluxes & wavelengths.")

2. Some links don't work.
In the satellite search page (http://archive.stsci.edu/iue/search.php), I insert a name of a star in the field Target Name (for instance HD 45910) and in the next page, I cannot load any link of the table shown (LWR03351,LWR03351,LWR03351,etc)