View Full Version : Announce: Free Pascal / Lazarus for Qt

10th October 2006, 13:28

I would like to announce that a team has being working on getting Qt support for Object Pascal users with great success.

There are available Qt3, Qt4 and Qtopia bindings for Free Pascal.

It would be nice if someone could update the FAQ on this website and add Object Pascal as a possible programming language for Qt, pointing to this link:


The most recent binding for Pascal, the one for Qt 4 works perfectly on Windows, Mac and Linux. You can check some screenshots here:


The is also Lazarus, a GPLed RAD IDE very similar and compatible with Borland Delphi. It supports modern features of IDEs such as visual design of forms, advanced code completion and code refactoring, installation of packages, plugins, etc. Another interresting thing is that just like Free Pascal compiles itself, Lazarus was also created on itself, which proves it's power.

The lazarus gui library, the Lazarus Component Library, is being ported to Qt, which means that existing Delphi software can now be recompiled to Qt just a little adaptation.


Also, because LCL already works for Windows CE and Gtk2, you can use it as a cross-platform PDA library, recompiling the same source code for native WinCE, for PDAs that use Gtk2 and for PDAs that use Qt. And it will be native on all platforms.

We are also working on native support for SymbianOS.

All this work is Free Software. The IDE is GPLed and the library is LGPLed, so fell free to check it and possibly contribute =)

And last, here are the websites for Free Pascal and Lazarus:



thank you for your attention,