View Full Version : QtCreator crashes when dropping QwwFileChooser on Designer form

18th March 2011, 02:32
The configuration that causes the problem is when using a debug build of QtCreator and a debug build of the wwWidgets plugin DLL. If I use the pre-built release version of Qt Designer with a release build of the wwWidgets plugin DLL, there is no crash. This is fine as a workaround but I'd really like to not have to leave QtCreator to make .ui mods.

Note: I had to modify the plugin.pro that came with the wwWidgets tarball in order to build a debug version of the library.

18th March 2011, 09:15
Start release version of Qt Creator, open wwWidgets project and Qt Creator project. Start in debug mode a Qt Creator and find place of crush! Probably some assertion fails in wwWidgets.
Then find source of crush and file bug report to authors of wwWidgets.