View Full Version : Qtopia host side development environment for ARM target.

10th October 2006, 16:14
I Xcompiled qtopia-free-2.1.1 to my target platform(ARM11).
I used LTIB to Xcompile for target.
Now to develop application for my target what are the host side setups i need to do.
Like I want to develop GUI things like creating buttons ,windows ,Lists.
For this GUI design what i need to use.I know Qtdesigner ,Kdevelop are there.But
If i use these is it compatable with qtopia.Because when i use qdesigner it is taking X11 libraries in the host side ,but i don't have ant xlib or x11 libraries in my target.
Which one i should use for GUI development.

If i want to develop application for my target the procedure i know is
First i have to develop application on host ,and compile it for "host " ,and execute it using QVFB.
Now the programm will run on host.
Next I have to cross compile the same application for target and deploy the image(executable ) to target.
Which is i think time consuming.
Is there any IDE is there through which i can virtually see my target in my host itself.
Previously i used Metrowerks for PALM platform develop ment.There using simulator u can see the application in host side itself.
Similarly any thing is there here also?
Actually I am new to Qtopia .Previously i was using GTK and Glade(for GUI Develop ment).

Here i am little bit confused about how to proceed.
If any body helps me in this regard it will be great relax for me.

Thanks in advance.


11th October 2006, 16:05
Any Help /Suggestions please?