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22nd March 2011, 05:31
Is it possible to add the ability to VS plugin so that assigning events to controls can be achieved by double clicking the control and it takes you to the code where even handler code should be added? Something similar to VS C# designer or other RAD IDEs.

Another request is to add popup/context menu editing to the designer so that it's a control a developer can add to a form and edit with the designer instead of coding it.

I think the QtDesigner is great but still needs these features to be a full RAD tool.


22nd March 2011, 09:57
Designer is not meant to be a full RAD tool. It used to be a quasi-IDE in times of Qt3 but the code editing support was dropped completely in favour of embedding Designer in regular IDE solutions like VS, KDevelop or Eclipse. The form you design with Designer is completely independent from any code you write. Association of a form and a widget class can only be made in the IDE layer by manually choosing that this particular widget class will use this particular form. As far as I know this is what the VS add-in does.