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22nd March 2011, 18:09
Hi All,

I have written a simple app which plays .wav files on button click. These .wav files are stored on Nokia E52 ("C:\\Data\\Sounds\\*.wav").

I know i can embed wav files in the resource (.qrc) file. There are about 50 wav files and embedding them will make life easier in terms of deployment but in the end this app will run on no more than 5 handsets for within the office area.

What i want to know in your view what is faster:
1) Direct access from C:\\Data\\Sounds\\*.wav or
2) Accessing from .qrc file
3) Any other faster method.

Kind Regards,

22nd March 2011, 19:45
from a qrc is faster, since the binary data of the files are compiled in to the application exe - so the application does not need to open and read external files, it has all the data.