View Full Version : Entry Point Not Found when run example simpledommodel debug version

23rd March 2011, 11:22
When run simpledommodel debug version on windows platform with Qt 4.7, it will not run and show a message box tell me "Entry Point Not Found"

I know the symbol entry is not found in QtCored4.dll but i do not know why it is.
I sure in my OS there is only one version QtCored4.dll.

I compiled my windows qt I only add "-platform win32-msvc2010" configuration. The other settings are default.

Anyone encounter it? And who can tell me the method to only compile QtCore4d.dll?

23rd March 2011, 12:15
If you are sure you only have one QtCored4.dll on your system, then ensure that version is compatible with the application trying to use it. Versions of QtCore build with Visual Studio are not compatible with applications build with MinGW, and vice versa.

24th March 2011, 03:16
I see the last modify time of QtCored4.dll to determine which is compiled with spec of win32-msvc2010. Are there any other method to determine?
The result is the QtCored4.dll are 2 files and one is located in e:\qt\2010.05\qt\lib , the other locates in e:\qt\2010.05\qt\bin . But they are same and they have same modify time.
So I am sure it is msvc2010 spce version that is just compiled 2 days ago. if it is mingw version its time should be last year.