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23rd March 2011, 23:38
Hello Forum,

I have subclassed the QAbstractItemModel and assign it to the sub-class of the QTreeView.

The subclass of the QTreeView is again encapsulated inside a custom widget.

Now when the user click over any item of the QTreeView object i need to extract a particular item and extract more data from it.

I looked at the clciked() and pressed() signal inside the QAbstractItemView and i cannot find the difference between them. I want to get it functional only with the left mouse click event.

Any suggestion would be of great help.


24th March 2011, 00:01
Look at the tree view's selection model. It issues QItemSelectionModel::currentChanged() signals when the current item changes, which it will do if you click on an item. Alternatively, you could look at the protected QAbstractItemView::currentChanged() method in the tree view class.

25th March 2011, 09:40

I looked into the signal connection as follows:

connect(m_h3dNodeTreeView,SIGNAL(pressed(QModelInd ex)),this,SLOT(getH3DTreeItemData(QModelIndex)));

In the slot i just try to print out if any of the QTreeViewItem is pressed.

But i do not get any output in the slot.

Any other hint?