View Full Version : can I use Phonon with frame grabber

24th March 2011, 22:33
I need to display video stream coming from the external device (Picolo frame grabber). The device comes with API and DirectShow sample. Can I use Phonon to play video in real time? I tried to subclass QIODevice, but that's hard because video input board doesn't support Read command, instead it uses callback.
Did anyone try to use Phonon for streaming video?

25th March 2011, 09:16
yes , you can do it !

25th March 2011, 22:29
I am afraid it's not very helpful. Should I create my own MediaSource by inheriting? But I don't see which MediaSource functions I need to re-implement. Or should I design my own QIODevice? Then it's not clear how to ensure consistent frame rate.