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26th March 2011, 22:55

I have a question for this topic, what is the best library for image processing on Qt,

what is the best result on speed and platform, or any other library
for example Open eVision is working with MFC but I can't understand MFC. Now I choice Qt but I am not sure. and another library how is halcon for Qt?
I need an advice for this.

Thanks for all

27th March 2011, 10:53
Qt is C++. Anything that goes with C/C++ goes with Qt.

27th March 2011, 11:53
Yes any Imaging Library can be used with Qt : I've tried OpenCV, IPP (Intel), Halcon10, Open eVision,...as Plug-In.
Choice depends on your needs ( and on your money as Halcon or Open eVision are commercial products). Get a sample overview with this link :
and check also OpenCV on internet for more Qt based samples. ( Halcon SDK has also a QT Sample)