View Full Version : QAssistantClient not showing on example

12th October 2006, 17:05
Is anybody else experiencing this? I just downloaded and installed v4.2.0 and compiled the SimpleTextViewer example in the examples/assistant directory. When I run the simpletextviewer application, and click Help|Help Contents... the assistant client doesn't show. The same thing happens when I do File|Open and click the Help button. QT Assistant runs fine when I run it from the Start|Programs menu.

13th October 2006, 21:25
How did you install Qt? Did you compile from sources? If so, what switches did you pass to configure? And do you get some debug output from the application (remember about adding CONFIG+=console to the .pro file).

13th October 2006, 21:29
No, I didn't compile from the sources...I just ran the Win32 install file.

13th October 2006, 21:42
What about my last question about getting any debug information from the application itself?