View Full Version : QSystemTrayIcon - increase icon size

30th March 2011, 23:18
I am running Qt 4.7 on linux RHEL5.

I would like to be able to add an icon with text in it , similar in size to what the system
clock is showing ( i.e. "Wed Mar 30" ) or the user name ( i.e. "freddyb" ).

I can create an icon with text in it by creating a pixmap and using drawText(). That
works great.
But, I seem to be constrained by the icon size which is about 22x22. I have tried
increasing the size , but I can still only show about 2 text characters in my Icon,
before it hits the edge of the icon and gets chopped off.

I am not sure how the system time or the user name are being shown on the system icon tray with
such large width sizes than enables them to show more text.

I would appreciate any input or anyone pointing me in the right direction. That would be great.


Fred B.