View Full Version : QAxObject, get property with dynamicCall in native utf8 language

2nd April 2011, 19:28
When I try to get property of com-object which is in russian letters, I got an exceptions which makes to think that encoding, sent to com may be latin, not utf8 as set for CStrings. All the functions and properties in english language works fine. The same control is well automated via php or vb with no problem, but when I try to call this property in qt - it fails

QString value = row->dynamicCall("свойство").toString();

in php or vb there is runtime incapsulation of properties, so this works in php

$value = $row->свойство;

Is there any way to definitelly send property name in utf8, not in latin nor cp1251?
I also tried something like

QString value = row->property("свойство").toString();
just empty string.

Any suggestions?