View Full Version : Build ncreport using mingw qt

5th April 2011, 14:57
I just download ncreport from here (http://sourceforge.net/projects/ncreport/)

I use opensource qt with mingw with windows 7 environment.

From the install guide, I know that I should open my qt command prompt start->QT sdk... ->Qt Command prompt.

I went to my extracted ncreport directory, typed "qmake" then "make". Run for a while..
The build process stoped, saying something like "cannot found ncreport.lib"

For the second test, I tried "qmake" then "nmake", the same error appear.
Then I opened ncreport.pro with QTCreator, run and still get the same error.

Have anyone succeed build ncreport with mingw environment? Would you please show me the way?

Sorry for my poor english :)