View Full Version : Downloading file over https with proxy

5th April 2011, 17:56
Hi all!
I'm writing application in qt 4.7 which is responsible for downloading files over https protocol but additionally - my network use proxy for such connections.

When application downloads small files (smaller than 10MB) it's works fine. But the problem occurs when application needs to download larger file (problem occurs for e.g. 11MB file).

I'm downloading file in chunks using readyRead() signal in QNetworkReply. After downloading quite big amount of data from that file (let's say, 80% of file) and after writing new chunk of data I didn't get new readyRead() signal and my application stuck!

I connected every signal which is responsible for error reporting but I do not get any errors.

When I use following network configuration:
- HTTP + PROXY - it works
- only HTTPS - it works

Do anybody have any clues which will be helpful for me?

I found similar, reported issue at http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-13431

Thank a lot!