View Full Version : Change QTableView's index number displayed

6th April 2011, 16:30
Hello friends i have a small problem. I have a QTableView display window in which i display some temperature data. I have two TableView on the display window i split the selected number of channels and display them in these two QTableViews. example. I have selected 30 channels i display the first 15 channels in the first QTableView and the next 15 channels in the second QTableView. Pls have a look at the image i have attached, I wanted to know how i can change the index position. of the second window
so that the index number displayed in the second QTable view to start from 16 . right now it shows the Index number in the view as 1 to 15 for the first set of channels, and even the index position of the second tableview starts as the same 1 to 15.. wanted to know how i can manipulate the index position displayed. Pls have a look at the image you will understand my problem better..

Thank you