View Full Version : Qt Download more then 15 files dont work based on downloadmanager example

8th April 2011, 14:16
I have simple Qt application that opens one worker thread in this worker thread im downloading files, image files always more then 20 ( it can be 50 also ).
For the download manager I took the DownloadManager project that is in the Main Qt Example dir
and used that, I just filled the QStringList with URL's and sent it to the DownloadManager object instance.

But the download doesn't work as I expected, its not downloading all the files and always stops after 15-20 files any idea why?
p.s to simplfy...
if you have the Qt framework just pass more then 25 links into DownloadManager example and you will see it doesn't work

8th April 2011, 14:45
Did you try it with different hosts? Maybe the server has a limit on files you can download within a period of time?