View Full Version : Defining specific preprocessor definitions according to build configuration

8th April 2011, 16:57
Hi! I would like to be able do define specific preprocessor definitions according to the build configuration I'm using.

I have many build configurations defined in my mkspec, and I would like to define something different according to the platform I'm compiling for. According to the documentation I understood I had to use QMAKESPEC in my qmake.conf in the platform specification, but that seems not to work. I even tried to put a message($$QMAKESPEC) in my .pro file but I get nothing:

Project MESSAGE:

Any idea what I'm doing wrong or anyway how I can do what I'm trying to achieve?

10th April 2011, 11:21
Solved the problem. I maybe misunderstood the documentation. It is not the QMAKESPEC to be modified but the CONFIG variable. Now it's working. Thanks!