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Pan Wojtas
28th January 2006, 22:03
How can i create a new QTextEdit (as a new window - not child) with some extra wflags?
The constructor doesn't allow for this - it looks like this:
QTextEdit::QTextEdit( QWidget *parent, const char *name ) : QScrollView( parent, name, WStaticContents | WRepaintNoErase | WResizeNoErase )
I could use QWidget::setWFlags, but it doesn't work:
class AAA : public QTextEdit

AAA::AAA(QWidget * parent) : QTextEdit(parent, "")
setWFlags(WType_TopLevel | WNoAutoErase | WStyle_Customize | WX11BypassWM | WStyle_StaysOnTop | WDestructiveClose);


AAA *a;
a = new AAA(0);
Qt creates normal window :confused:

28th January 2006, 22:08
You could create QVBox with customized flags and QTextEdit inside it.

Pan Wojtas
28th January 2006, 22:15
Yes, but i think it's a little bit stupid to create a new widget with QTextEdit inside, while QTextEdit is also a widget (and can be displayed as a new window as well).

Why QTextEdit's constructor doesn't allow to specify own wflags?

Chicken Blood Machine
30th January 2006, 22:09
You can use reparent() to change the flags. That should work.