View Full Version : grabFrameBuffer function on Solarix and Windows platform

11th April 2011, 05:08
I am working on a task, which is invert white text color to black text color. Currently what I am doing is I change text color before grabFrameBuffer. So whenever user want to invert text color from white to black, opengl will change text color to black, and then call grabFrameBuffer. After called grabFrameBuffer, the image with inverted text color suppose to print on print_preview dialog box. Everything is working fine on windows platform, but it works a bit weird on Solaris platform. Whenever the grabFrameBuffer called, it will grab print_preview dialog box as well on Solaris platform(invert color option is inside print_preview dialog box). Is there anyway to fix this issue? Or is there anyway can perform the same functions as described at above? Thank you. :)