View Full Version : Can we access .mdb file from Qt creator

12th April 2011, 19:33
I am new to Qt.. i like to develop a meego application.Can i access .mdb file data from qt creator

Thanks in advance

13th April 2011, 02:46
Qt Creator is an integrated development environment, not a programming language (C++) or library (Qt). It makes no sense for Qt Creator to have anything to do with Microsoft Jet databases.

You can access Microsoft Jet databases from C/C++ programs on Windows machines using ODBC. If you are using the Qt libraries then you can use the ODBC interface for QSqlDatabase.

On platforms other than Windows there is typically no access to Microsoft Jet databases. There are 3rd party, commercial drivers for unixODBC on Linux to access Microsoft Jet database. Sqlite is typically a much better choice here.