View Full Version : How to "detect" when editing a cell in QTableWidget ends?

15th April 2011, 11:56

I'm struggling to find out how I can "detect" when editing a cell in my QTableWidget ends.

If the content/text in the cell was changed then I can just use the cellChanged signal, but if the content/text in the cell has not changed, then that signal is never triggered. This gives me problems. I really need something similar like an "editingEnded(...)", signal which is triggered whenever the "editing mode" is left (regardless of whether cell content/text has changed or not).

How on earth can I achieve this?

Many thanks in advance,


15th April 2011, 14:53
I think you can use the signal cellActivated ( ) for detecting the cursor entry and emit a signal manually upon next click(may on another cell) so that we can say "editing ended".
Or you can try itemSelectionChanged also. Have you tried itemEntered ( ) as well?