View Full Version : What does "Save All" actually save?

28th January 2006, 22:43
After fiddling pathetically with code issued from the designer which didn't
compile, I deleted the whole lot (even the hidden directories) because
I had seen a "File" "Save All" option in the designer. I had left the designer
window open.

I did all 3 save options, save as, save all and save (redundant? well, better
safe than sorry) but it didn't recreate a main.cpp and I had to recreate the
/images directory manually.

I had an example of a main.cpp, but it didn't work earlier and didn't work
then (this was precisely the problem I was trying to solve)...

Is there a way to do a "Save all" which would actually recreate all the files
which are needed?


:confused: :confused: :confused:

29th January 2006, 00:05
"Save all" saves all files which are open.

29th January 2006, 17:24
Ah, OK! I'll remember that, thank you.

How do I "open" icon pictures files?


29th January 2006, 18:04
In Designer? You don't. It's a user interface editor and not an icon one. You can load an icon in one of the properties of a widget, but I don't think that's what you meant.

30th January 2006, 18:44
It wasn't what I meant, yes. To draw an icon I use KIconEdit.

What I mean is the icons don't get saved the way I do it, so there's
got to be a better way.

Suppose I'm doing something with Designer, then I mess it up, it won't
compile anymore and I don't know why. I delete everything in the directory,
close Designer, copy into the directory the previously saved contents (a
version which does compile) and reopen Designer.

It opens fine, except the icons. Each time I have to select the actions, click
on "icon" in the "property editor", choose "add", select the icon, etc... The
icons don't stay in the list which is called "Choose an image", they don't
get saved properly. If the prog compiles and run, the icons appear where
they are supposed to be. It's just if the prog is re-opened by the Designer
that they are gone.


31st January 2006, 11:35
Tell us how you are adding images to the widgets.
Are you using the Image Collection Method. If so you might be deleting/moving the images directory.

31st January 2006, 13:43
I select the object to which I want to add an icon
In Property editor, I click "icon" then "..."
This opens a window called "Chose an image"
Click "Add"
This open a window to browse the directories
(my "images" directory is a subdirectory of my project directory)
Click to select an icon
Click "Open"
This sends me back to the window called "Chose an image", in which
the new icon now appears.
Click to select the new icon.
Click "OK"


31st January 2006, 14:23
R you using Kdevelop ?