View Full Version : How to scan for existing COM Ports on Windows without QExtSerialPort

3rd May 2011, 10:43

my app is currently using Qt & QExtSerialPort (via google code - not via the old sf.net) to fill a drop-down element with a list of all COM-ports the QExtSerial port-enumerator finds on a system.

As the QExtSerialPort way of searching for existing COM ports (example: enumerator of QExtSerialPort) seems to cause trouble depending on the user-permissions, different driver installations as well as windows-registry entries and the related permissions once again i am wondering if there is another way to search for COM ports in a Qt project.

So my main question is:

Is there a known way (and maybe even an example) to search for COM ports on windows using Qt?

Any idea/help is appreciated.

Best regards

3rd May 2011, 16:13
seems to cause trouble depending on the user-permissions,
Can you elaborate more on that?
QextSerialPort is using the windows API to find the ports on windows, so what ever permission problems you will have with QextSerialPort I guess you will have with out it as well.
By the way this is not a Qt issue.
You will find many examples on google.
Here one that might be good, since it uses nine! various methods of enumerating the serial ports: