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21st October 2006, 15:19
Hi all!
My name is Aurélien Regat-Barrel and I am a voluntary helper for the free web site developpez.com, a french-speaking community of professional developers.
Last week, we made short video interviews of some developers from Trolltech, in english of course. We also interviewed Matthias Ettrich (the KDE father), where many subjects are discussed, like the relationship between Trolltech and the open source community, the evolution of Qt, etc.
We are currently retranscribing the interviews in order to subtitle them in french before making them available. But, as you may know, frenchies are not very good in english and we need help to quickly and properly retranscribe these discussions.
If you are fluent in english, it will take you few time to validate our work and help us to terminate ASAP. By helping us, you will make it possible to give a written retranscription in english for all the videos, so non french speaking people who are not fluent in english too (poor guys!:D) could better understand what is said by the experts.
If you feel interested in this project, please send me an email. Thanks for your help, and hope you will enjoy our work.