View Full Version : load project and emulation

7th May 2011, 17:19
Just installed qt and made the transitions project as per the tutorial. When I tried to test it, it presented a Symbian emulation that did not respond to my mouse clicks. How can I show the project on a regular desktop?

The following day, I opened the project and tried to run it, but highlighting the run button in the creator, i get the message "cannot run without a project". The screed shows with all the detail in the design module, and the edit module shows the code. Is there another step to make it active?

7th May 2011, 22:15
"cannot run without a project"
you did open the designer, but you didn't load the project . select from the above menu >file>open file or project , locate the place where your project file exist , then select the project file which its extension is (.PRO)

How can I show the project on a regular desktop?
select Projects from the left vertical menu , a new window will appear ,click at the (+)symbol that appear at the top and choose target: Desktop , then press build.