View Full Version : Qsettings get all Organisations

10th May 2011, 12:21

I'm programming an application that uses QSettings. I was wondering if it is possible to get all the Organisations that exist in the current computer.
I found no subject about it on any forum.
It would help a lot.

10th May 2011, 12:28
There are certainly ways to do this.

As a user, though, I generally object to programs pawing through my files; there's no reason for applications to know what other companies I have purchased software from, or to gather any information other than what is strictly required to run properly, such as checking that there is enough memory, or disk space, or that network connectivity or printing capabilities exist.

10th May 2011, 14:17
Thank you for your answer,
After some more thought, It dosen't matter if i can't get the list of all the origanisations and i admit it could be wrong if any app could do it. In fact, I need at least all the applicationName of the current Organization.

For instance, if two programs have declarered 2 Qsetting : QSettings ( "MyCompany","myAppv1") and QSettings ( "MyCompany","myAppv2") I would like to recover "myAppv1" "myAppv2" in one of them to be abble to compare the config.

After studiing the QSettings Class i can't find a way to do it. If you do it would be quite usefull.