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11th May 2011, 07:06
After I've downloaded Android SDK and Android NDK and I've created AVD Android 2.2 API level 8
and I've installed Necessitas tool for building and deploying Qt applications to Android OS I've assigned Android NDK toolchain version as arm-linux-androiddeaby-4.4.3

I've putted Qt version and Android SDK and NDK versions in Qt Creator options I've got android directory with shell java files created as in the videos only when launching as root.
But the problem is when I build Qt project ( with android directory created in project folder's root ) I get following error both on root and user login:

Assembler messages:
Fatal error: Invalid -march= option: `armv5te'
in main.o

Does anybody know why that message ( error ) ? What is the problem? Why it can't be built?
Thank you very much. I will try to help here too.

11th May 2011, 07:47
The problem is exactly as it says - the assembler you are using doesn't understand the march option "armv5te".

So either your compiler is too old or just doesn't support armv5te (eg. your using GCC for x86 for example)

27th May 2011, 17:29

freely, what's your make step configuration? Is there a make.exe for Android or we have to use mingw32-make.exe?

27th May 2011, 18:12
If you are using MinGW for your compiler, it makes sense to use mingw32-make as your make tool.