View Full Version : Associating QWidget with QProcess

11th May 2011, 08:15
My application requires that i need to embed one QT application into another application, and this has to be done irrespectve of platform, i cannot use the QEmbeddeContainer as it does not work in Windows.
Basically it has to be like a parent-child config, what i plan to do is to associate a QWidget with a QProcess so that i can start the new process within the Widget.Is there any way of doing it?

11th May 2011, 13:59
No, it doesn't work this way.

11th May 2011, 14:48
Is there any other way then?

11th May 2011, 16:22
The widget has to be in scope of the application that is to use it. On Windows you can use ActiveX, on X11 you can use XEmbed but there is no cross-platform solution.