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11th May 2011, 14:58
Hi All,

I have posted this question before, lots of view but no replies.

I want to know if it is possible to change DateTime on mobile handest (Nokia E52) through app code. if so, how do i achive this.

really desparate to get an answer.

Please reply


11th May 2011, 15:34
Shouldn't it tell you something that nobody gives an answer? Perhaps you are asking in a wrong forum -- try a ForumNokia forum instead, as your question has way more to do with Symbian than Qt.

And next time, please use a more descriptive title so that people who know nothing about Nokia E52 (like myself) can skip the thread. Example: "Is changing Nokia E52 date and time with Qt possible?".

11th May 2011, 15:52
thanks for direction. Sometimes less descriptive titles grab attention ... well it grabbed your and i got some direction at least if not an answer. Great.