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12th May 2011, 18:28
Hi guys,

I have a problem, which boils down to the following:

Assume a frame(or widget) with some items (textboxes and comboboxes) .
On form load the entire frame(or widget) is hidden, using setVisible('false'). - this works
When clicking some item in a combobox, the frame is shown using setVisible('true') - this works. Now when I click a next item of the combobox, I want the 'entire' frame or widget to this disappear. I cannot succeed in achieving this feat. Hiding works however when using the command for each individual item.
I have tried this->repaint() or update().

I wonder if the problem lies with this?
The window is called by a main window, I would be doubtful that this is it, but not knowing exactly how the QT framework works, it might be worth mentioning

thanks a bunch

How must I hide the e

12th May 2011, 22:41
Ok, I've found the Solution. You need to consider the frame as receiver in an Action with operation hide()