View Full Version : ActiveQt out of process control sends no events

16th May 2011, 15:08
Hello Community,

since a long time I use an ActiveQt widget control for graphics output. It is used by MFC, Qt and .NET-WPF applications.
The methods (public slots) of this control are invoked and the control sends events (public signals). Everything works fine.
The control is used as an in-process control.

Now I have to use the control as an out-of-process control.
I changed the DLL to an EXE. Registered it and made everything that I found in the documentation.
Nearly everything works fine. The control process starts and stops. I can invoke the control methods.
But the controls events (public signals) do not reach the container application.

I wrote a totally new testcontainer and control. But I had the same problem.
My application and control are running Qt 4.4.3, but I also tested 4.7.0

What can be the problem?

Greetings Uwe