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31st May 2011, 14:37
Hi Guys,

Is there a way of using the QML MAP (http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.1.1/qml-map.html) element without having access to the internet? I am thinking of a way to use the integrated OVI Maps (that can be downloaded before). By using some sort of API…

Could this be even done, or we are obliged in using the internet?

I am having a look at this example: http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-1.1.1/declarative-location-mapviewer.html

I deploy my application on a E7 device and the map loads nicely if a have the Wi-Fi enabled and connected to a wireless network. But when I turn the Wi-Fi off and start the application I have the error:

[Qt Message] "Network session error."

In the example, the Map element is defined like:

Map {
id: map
plugin : Plugin {
name : "nokia"
size.width: parent.width
size.height: parent.height
zoomLevel: 7

Do I need to change the plugin to a different one? But which?


31st May 2011, 14:39
You probably need to develop your own plugin that will only query the offline storage for ovi maps.

31st May 2011, 14:58
And what guidelines should I follow while developing this kind of a plugin?


31st May 2011, 15:30
No idea. Implement appropriate virtual methods properly :)

12th July 2011, 04:34
take this link as reference http://xf.iksaif.net/dev/qtm-geoservices-extras.html