View Full Version : Qt and Sceye Scanner

21st June 2011, 20:13

I'm trying to get the Sceye-Scanner (http://www.sceye.biz/) to work with Qt.
The manufacturer provides .ocx files, and I used dumpcpp to create QAxWidget subclasses.
The problem is that the scanner provides a live-preview feature, and as soon as that is switched on the application crashes from within the main event loop, when calling DispatchMessage().

Scanning without a preview doesn't work either. The scanner freezes mid-scan and I get the following output:

QAxBase: Error calling IDispatch member GetFrameAsync: Exception thrown by server
Code : 264
Source : SC_MenuCam
Description: Automation error
Help :

Does anyone have any experience with issues like that, or maybe even with Sceye?
Every help would be very appreciated.