View Full Version : Widget window Id passed and need to draw circles on it (opaque)

24th June 2011, 12:56
Hi all,

I am passing a widget window id ( Label ) to a 3rd party library and it puts the graphics into it...

Now i need to draw some circles on the same widget , and it should be always on top of the graphics drawn from 3rd party i.e fully opaque ..

Any ideas would be helpful ..

27th June 2011, 14:24
To make sure its on top of the drawing done by the other lib, you have to make sure you are drawing the circle after the lib has finished drawing.
Do you have any means of knowing if and when the other lib has finished drawing?

27th June 2011, 14:44
If this 3rd party library draws the image not into a QLabel, but on top of the window with winId, then it is quite problematic. Check if that picture come as a top-level window, if it stays always on top. Try to move some other window on top of that image and see if there aren't any artifacts in displaying the picture. If you are able to move another window on top of that picture, then just create a top-level window with correct attributes, so its transparent and draw your circles in it.