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27th June 2011, 11:36
I need to create a server client program which will contain following steps:

Server Side:

1) Create a thread.
2) Create a socket.
3) Bind this.
4) Listen it.
5) Accept.
6) Receive client data.
7) Send confirmation msg to client.

Client Side:

1) Create a thread.
2) Create a socket.
3) send any data to server side.
4) Receive confirmation msg from server.

It is going to be TCP-IP communication so I am thinking of using QTcpSocket class. Anybody who has any idea about this pls help. If you can provide me working code then that would be best thing...... Thanks in advance......

Santosh Reddy
27th June 2011, 11:44
This (http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7/examples-network.html) has many working examples

27th June 2011, 12:23
Just now I got the example of Fortune Server-Client program...... That is working code but that one is a little bit complicated.... I want a very simple program with these functionalities and without any push buttons or dialog......

Santosh Reddy
27th June 2011, 12:53
Check this (http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/41873-Some-issues-with-chat-program?p=191713#poststop)