View Full Version : Create extensible application with Qt

28th June 2011, 16:11
Perhaps my application is extensible, users can write plugins for it via api provided by my application, such api and headers will not expose any qt-specific objects.

For instance:

// public declaration available to my app's user
class MyApplication
const char* virtual name() const = 0;

// private declaration
class MyApplicationExport MyApplicationPrivate : public MyApplication, public QApplication
QString qName() const;
const char* virtual name() const {return qName();}

1.) Is this the way to go for something like an extensible application? Any potential issue with this setup?

2) As far as I understand, my app's users are indirectly programming with Qt, through an abstract layer of my application, will there be any licensing issues with Qt?

29th June 2011, 11:52
What do you mean with "my application is extensible"?

Your example code is very strange.

Qt supports application extensibility through Plugins.

IMHO You have to define the application logic in your code and let plugins-writer free to implements details.