View Full Version : how to open a different worksheet to overcome MS Excel 2003 256 column boundry

29th June 2011, 08:25
every one i have a small problem.. i have windows excel 2003 into which i am logging some data. I have some times have to log in more then some 400 channels of data but excel has a limit of only 256 columns.. My program works well with excel 2007 the column limit is not 256 i can see all 400 columns but its a problem if i am logging into MS Excel 2003. I wanted to know how i can open two or three worksheets in a single Excel file to log the data, if i have more then 256 channels of data. I know how to log into a excel file but could not find any help on opening different worksheet to log the data. Anybody suggest me how to go about this problem.

thank you

30th June 2011, 00:32
Anybody suggest me how to go about this problem.
Sure, take your Microsoft Excel question to a forum suitable for Microsoft Excel questions, Google for Microsoft excel worksheets collection (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Microsoft+excel+worksheets+collection), or find a saner repository for your logged data. This has absolutely nothing to do with Qt.