View Full Version : About OPENGL and 2D and 3D

4th July 2011, 09:24
I'm planning to develop a vector visualization app, with 2D and 3D (basic 3D) modes.
What kind of things can I do using 2D grapichisview that I cant do using 'QGL'.
My initial 3D requirements are going to have 3D visualization and mouse-objects detection (maybe later I want to do more, by not now)

Have to plann to develop duplicate functions thinking in the two worlds ?

4th July 2011, 15:12
I never used grapichsview, but if you mostly will use 3D, than GL is the way to go. As for mouse object detection, I use the picking technic described in the OpenGL Superbible 4 book (there are others technics). If you google around you will find tutorials and lots of examples in the web.

4th July 2011, 16:20
And whats about printing ? QT-OPENGL lets me do it ?

5th July 2011, 13:48
I don't think Opengl has any functions for priting, you'll have to use Qt priting functions (there's plenty examples out there) in this forum, in QAssistant and in the free Qt book.