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16th July 2011, 09:14
Hi everyone..I want to run the example in qt help named "service action ".I have QT SDK1.1.2.
I did the following steps to run it:
1. create new project,choose QT Widget Project--> QT GUI Application
2. gave it same name and then next next next..
3. I copy pasted all the codes in example .
4.built the project
I get 2 errors.
1."QMEssageService.h",no such file or directory
2. expected constructor,destructor,or type conversion before 'class'.

whats my mistake or is there any other way to do it??kindly help me...it will be so kind of you..I need to run that example ..:(
thank you all

16th July 2011, 11:34
Did you try opening the example directly from qt example directory? Not by creating new project, just open the existing project.

17th July 2011, 17:32
Yes I did but no use..
Tell me one thing is it necessory to connect the mobile phone before building that projecT??

17th July 2011, 19:54
Even though i don't use SDK ,i think you should check the header's name - Qt has a straight naming convention . I guess there might be a QMessageService.h , but not a QMEssageService.h
Also take a look at other headers declared in the problematic header file , i mean as far as i remember SDK's headers paths are specified like that :
#include<ModuleName/HeaderName> , instead of #include<HeaderName>.What about phone, i don't think you need one to run an application , there is an emulator , isn't it ?

22nd July 2011, 08:07
It is the example project in qt's help,and the header files error is not a prob,,I hid that line and no further errors were appearing,,the problem is the other error,"expected constructor,destructor,or type conversion before 'class" how should I overcome ths??

tellme one more thing is it necessory to connect the mobile for running this application example??because I have been doing it without my phone connected..

27th July 2011, 01:35
The "expected constructor,destructor,or type conversion before 'class" error is a result of not fixing the error regarding the absence of the QMessageService.h file.

Do you have the QtMobility APIs installed in your SDK?

30th July 2011, 07:55
thank you sooo much ChrisW67..I have been trying to solve this issue for like 3,4 months,,now its finally done..

thak you everone else,,and especially u Chris..

GOD BLess u